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What people are saying about us?
Below is a selection of comments from our visitors around the world.
"Thanks to the website the public can finally take part in the discourse taking place in this community" -Reading Toronto
"The website is creating important awareness of the social/cultural problem the city is facing." -Reading Toronto
"The material on the Jane-Finch.com website alone is an excellent rout toward a higher understanding of this social condition." -Reading Toronto
"A comprehensive grassroots portal about the area"
-Emily Mills, Journalist
"Re-branding the neighborhood as a talented and vibrant community." -The Varsity
"Jane-Finch.com is not just a website- it's a movement." -Blacus Ninjah
"I don't like the discrimination that occurs with regards to the Jane and Finch area, and it's great to see you providing a responsible look at the positive aspects of the area. Keep up your efforts" -Dave
"..just herd the CBC ray-deo show w' you guys. had to check it out! Peace. Thanks so much 4 yore optimism and hope about peace in the middle of the violence!" -Perry Bartel (pastor, with Mennonite Church Canada)
"ye i just saw the segment on the G4 tech tv channel, i just wanted to say that the site is great, and all u guys keep doin what your doin" -Rollen
"Heard about the site on City TV, and living in Rexdale for almost 20 years. It is good to see some good about jane & finch. Keep up the good work." -Lew Andrew
"Respect for speakin the truth on The Real Toronto DVD at CBC. The media showed that they don't care about the issues once again." -Madd Russian
I just surfed in and spent some time going through the site I am very impressed. It is truly amazing what you guys are doing and I would like to part of it and be able to help in what ever ways I can. -Parm Gill, Conservative candidate
"I found your site from City Pulse 24 where I have been keeping a close eye on the recent shootings in the GTA areas. I have been looking for a way I can try and help with this Youth violence and gun problem. I think your website is Amazing and I can see you all put your heart and soul into it and I wish you much success in helping the youth in your community.The youth today need role models like you to look up to and emulate. I have a 15 year old son that I would like to try and stear into the right direction of starting something like you have done for our community. Again Great Job and I hope you all make a difference in the lives of the kids that need to be touched. -Lee Ann Shackleton, Pickering
"Thank you for the documentary Lost in the Struggle" -Daria Mercer
"Hey whats up mark and paul. im glad to see some good guys, trying to better the community over there in the jane-finch area. keep it up guys." -Dean, Australia, Melbourne
"What a positive way to redirect positive energy into an area that always seems to get negative publicity! Mom retired @ York Finch Hospital & my sister lived on Driftwood. People need use their eyes, ears, & voice to help police do their job. Every community has it's bad area but if you stand up together you can kick some serious butt!! GOOD LUCK!!" -Heather
"I think this is great energy. I used to work at the Driftwood Community Centre and in the area doing drop-in centres, camping and folk music between 1975 and 1985 with the Black Creek Venture Group. Keep me posted on what you are doing." -Brian Whitehead
"Nice Site... I think it's important to put together a site that can bring a rough neighbourhood together and let people know that it's safe and there are people who care." -Kalifornia
"My children and I lived in the area in the early 1960's where there were still lots of open spaces, the J/F corner had Towers, a Dominion store and a few other stores in the mall, and it was a safe area to walk around aat any time. My children went to Topcliff school, and then we lived up by Steeles Avenue where they were among the first children to attend an open concept school, and that was Shoreham Public. That is where I got my first experience volunteering for the school and have been volunteering for many years. The family has long ago left home and live in western Canada, I myself live in Calgary and have done so for many years. However I can see the progress of the J/F area over the internet and see the vast differences in tghe area. Keep up the great work folks, and perhaps J/F will one day again become a good area to live in." -Flo
"Good built web page. Nice to see that people care enough about the hood and are trying to clean it up!" -Juvenile
"I really love this site... I'm a 20 yr old white Canadian male, one of many brainwashed by the media into thinking jane-finch is the 'Toronto ghetto' due to the actions of some..... I think its terrific that this site has been put up and its very cool to see a website to promote the good things in the area, of which there are so many. Canada is about multicultural interaction and I think a website like this is great for the community and its people. Theres some terrific articles and I think its amazing that your promoting local music on the site... The best thing a community can do to fight crime is to come together and have citizens realize that we are from different places and lifestyles and that this city is a melting-pot of cultures... Terrific Site, Keep it up, I commmend you on this ongoing project the impact it will have on the Jane-Finch and more so, the Toronto community...." -Mike J.
"I love jane-finch.com" -Jaclyn Nguyen
"This website is super duper" -Rayzor George, Hamilton
"I'm not from the area and don't fully understand the struggles your community has to deal with but i think everybody should check your site out even us white suburban kids. you guys are doing a great job. as far as raising awarness is concerned, hey i stopped by and spent two hours rooting around. i love hip hop for the stories and because i'm a musician myself. i may not see and live what you do but i think your message is one of understanding and hope and thats something we can all relate to. keep up the good work you guys truly are ambassadors of your community. peace love and respect!" -Adam Lutes
"Found your link when doing research on the area. I'm a student and York U, and wanted to let you know I think it's great that you guys are promoting the area and supporting the people that really care about the area. I really hope the perception changes, and it will be thanks to groups like you when it does." -Vanessa
"This site gets better and better, keep up the good work guys"
"Good to see a site like this. Community involvement is the key.' -Derek
"Much Respect to the site for keeping the community and people aware of what really goes down..." -Explisit
"I start at York University in the fall and was looking to get an idea about what the community outside of campus was like. Thanks for the site -- seems like there is a vibrant and talented part of the world I didn't even think about. I found the poetry especially compelling. Good work everyone." -Caitlyn McColeman
"I really like this website because it offers alot of info. to those who moved out of the area, for example: I am an ex- Jane and Finch resident, now pursuing my University studies at Glendon Campus of York University at Bayview and Lawrence..." -Mikey Morsillo
"I love this site. Every time I come I see the positive things that are going on there and I see people working hard to make it a better place for everyone who lives there. Thanks for the pictures around the neighbourhood. I can show some of my friend where I grew up." -Reds
"Mark Simms. I don't know you, but I believe all men are a reflection of their work. This website is a true tool of goodness and love. Jane and Finch is more than just a location its a way of life. A life I believe is changing. May respect and love bless you upon your path of purpose and all those who support it. " -Alexander Petrogiani
"www.jane-finch.com keeps on getting better and better...most people dont know how jane and finch is from the inside they always look at it in a negative way, but us people from jane-finch area know what jane-finch is to us, it aint guns and gangs alone, its about learning and more...not what u guys think..stereotypical stuff arent always true" -Da.Vi3t.KiD
"I like how you all are trying to make Jane-n-Finch a better place. Keep doing your hard work and it'll make a difference."
"All I gotta say is that I think its amazing that first off all this site even exists and .. everything about it" -Martina
"I grew up in Oakburn at Sheppard and 401. I heard your show on CBC today. You should call your effort "Jane Finch Dot Calm" because you are making a difference." -Patrick Nelson Marshall
"Great website. I was so shocked when I came across it. It brought back so many memories of me and my friends growing up at Jane and Finch." -Kathy
"Hey, I love watcha guyz be doing here! (Talking to you Paul, Mark, and the rest of the Jane-Finch Sqaud :D!) Ya know? What I've been seeing helped me too :)! I can finnaly stand up to myself, not being pushed around, finnaly learning how to talk things out, not to rumble things out" -Brian, Redding California (U.S.A)
"What a great site! I'm and ex-jane and fincher and totally think the site is actually doing something productive for Jane n Finch." -Janine
"Love what you are doing for your community, the site is amazing and inspiring, Be proud of who you are and where you are from!" -Kaleigh, Red Deer Alberta
"Wow excellent videos. You guys seem to be sending a message and it really shows in those MTV's. It defines the truth between stereotypical and reality. Now the everyone has witnessed your message(s) and it will be spread not just nation but worldwide. Good job guys!" -Kimberly Nguyen, Hamilton
"I like your web which encourages young people to learn about the other cultures, and make Jane and Finch to be a better living place." -Lin, Toronto
"Grew up in that neighbourhood and was a very happy child, as were many who did. Still very proud that I am from there. Our neighbourhood has always had a bad wrap because of others who choose to bring their dirt to our backyard. Get educated, dont believe what people say! A lot of us who grew up their turned out to be good, law abinding citizens, well educated people. I still visit home when Im in Toronto.I congradulate the community workers who continuously work hard to improve things for those who live there. I will keep checking the site for more news ...." -Lillian Gallant
"Used to live in the t-dot; driftwood area =) currently residing in brampton. .. must say that i appreciate what your doing for jane n finch; making a good name for the neighbourhood i grew up in. thnx =)" -Yvonne, Brampton
"What a cool web site, i grew up in the famous jane&finch area back in 1972, worked at towers dept stores, and lived at 21 potsdam rd. always loved the jane&finch area but moved to nova scotia in 1984 when i married.(thanks for the memories)"  -Chris Cooper, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

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