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External articles, press clippings and stories about the Jane-Finch community.
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Date   Film
October 4, 2006  
Lost in the Struggle
Directed by Tamar Weinstein
Jane Finch Again!
Directed by Roger McTair
Home Feeling: Struggle for a Community
Directed by Jennifer Hodge & Roger McTair
Date   Publication
February 6, 2008
9 things we love about Jane-Finch
By Enzo Di Matteo - Now Magazine
June 25, 2007
Empowerment at heart of poet's positive message
By Betsy Powell - The Toronto Star
June 13, 2007
Jane-Finch, from the heart
By Obed Okyere - The Toronto Sun
June 11, 2007
Jordan Manners 'king of change,' marchers say
By Jamie Ngo - Sun Media
April 1, 2007
Jane-Finch job-training program faces eviction
By Tess Kalinowski - The Toronto Star
Mar 27, 2007
Schools suspend fewer students
By Louise Brown - The Toronto Star
January 25, 2007
Jane-Finch coup at Sundance
By Geoff Pevere - The Toronto Star
July 30, 2006
Leading youth out of the wilderness
By Christian Cotroneo - The Toronto Star
July 26, 2006
Taking aim at Jane-Finch
By Murray Whyte - The Toronto Star
May 3, 2006
Jane Finch: She's damaged but beautiful
By Thien Huynh - 24 Hours Toronto
April 24, 2006
Bringing a little heaven to Jane-Finch
By Joe Friesen - The Globe and Mail
April 22, 2006
Jane-Finch neighbourhood
By Joe Friesen - The Globe and Mail
April 01, 2006
Chuckie Akenz' Director Biography
By Asian Canadian Culture Online Project
December 2, 2005
Multi-media project takes flight for Jane/Finch youth
Courtesy of The City of Toronto
November 28, 2005
Mural unveiled in Downsview Park as part of Jane-Finch Neighbourhood Action initiative
City of Toronto
November 14, 2005
'At least they care' PM, mayor unveil anti-gang fund during visit to Jane-Finch
By Nicholas Davis - The Toronto Sun
November 11, 2005
Toronto Implements Month-long Gun Amnesty
By Lishanti Caldera - Epoch Times Toronto Staff
November 10, 2005
Jane and Finch's new rap: Grad's site claims it gets kids off the streets, into the studio
By Candice Debi - The Varsity
October 21, 2005
Fear Factors
September 16, 2005
Life, Death in Jane and Finch: Housing haven or hell?
By Brett Clarkson - The Toronto Sun
September 15, 2005
Pastors building faith
By Brett Clarkson - The Toronto Sun
September 12, 2005
Local voices speak out: Part three of a seven-part series
By Brett Clarkson - The Toronto Sun
September 12, 2005
Hope and heartache: Part two of a seven-part series
By Brett Clarkson - The Toronto Sun
September 11, 2005
Troubled community has heart, soul: Part one of a seven-part series
By Brett Clarkson and Tom Godfrey - The Toronto Sun
August 19, 2005
Toronto's Image as Safe City Marred by Summer of Gun Violence (Feat. Paul N.)
From Bloomberg News
August 12, 2005
Hope and heartache (Part two of a seven-part series)
By Brett Clarkson - The Toronto Sun
August 8, 2005
Quiet Desperation (Featuring Mark Simms)
From Pulse24
August 6, 2005
Keeping The Faith (Featuring Paul Nguyen/Mark Simms)
From Pulse24
April 28, 2005
Life getting better in Jane-Finch
By Betsy Powell - The Toronto Star
March 21, 2005
Roger Rowe (LLB '87) Proud to Live/Work in Jane-Finch Area
By Nicholas Davis - The Toronto Sun
March 19, 2005
Jennifer Hodge de Silva (Director of "Home Feeling")
By Library and Archives Canada
March  2005
Sketches of Your Neighborhood: 31 Division
By 640 Toronto
January 1,  2005
Why mentors make a difference
By Susan McClelland - Canadian Living
April 22,  2004
Statement from Mario Sergio M.P.P.
Courtesy of Mario Sergio
January 28,  2004
Team Effort To Cut Crime Transforms Jane-Finch
By Wallace Immen - Canada Public Safety
December 9,  2003
Jane-Finch community forum: Racism breaks your spirit
By Jennifer Clarke & Janice Acton - Dalhousie University 
November 12,  2003
O.A.Y.E.C. - Hiring Made Easy: A boost in the right direction
By Nick Candiotto - The Toronto Sun
June 25, 2003
Starting life poor
By Margaret Philp - The Globe and Mail
August 29,  2002
Community event puts youth back on the map
By Nadia Ranieri - The Weekly Gleaner Community Newspaper
August 12,  2002
Jane-Finch to become new community model
The Condo Guide
June 10, 2002
City of Toronto unveils Jane-Finch community art project
The City of Toronto
September 5, 2001
Documentary on Street rappers infuriates Jane-Finch community
By Dalton Higgins - Eye Magazine
June 4, 2001
Street Rappers (CBC-TV The National Transcripts)
By Mark Morrison - CBC TV
September 9, 2000
Corridor of Power
By Lizz Mendez Berry - Eye Magazine
September 7, 2000
Community organizers turn negative perceptions into positive
By Lizz Mendez Berry - Eye Magazine
July 22-28, 1999
Twenty-four hours at Jane-and-Finch
By Dalton Higgins - Now Toronto
July 22, 1999
Miracle on Jane Street
By Pat Capponi - Now Toronto
August 19, 1993
A Body Blow for Community Theater at Jane and Finch
By Scott Anderson - Eye Magazine
July 1, 1992
Non-Violence in the Jane Finch Corridor
By Len Desroches - Peace Magazine

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