Zombie Killers
2000 / 42:00
Starring Justin Zimmerman & Faruk Gumus
Directed by Paul Nguyen
Produced by Mark Simms
Filmed on location at C.W. Jefferys C.I.
Video 133 MB (Feature)
Video 92 MB (Documentary)
Scouting the area.
*Original letterboxed Hi8 source upconverted to 720p. Remastered in 2011.
Behind-the-Scenes Documentary
Justin Zimmerman .... Justin
Faruk Gumus .... Faruk
Elisa Cane .... Helen

Featured Zombies
Jesse Zimmerman .... Doorway Zombie
Chris Williams .... Football Zombie
Bruno Cane .... Laughing Zombie
Scott Reid .... Limping Zombie
Mike Ouchachov .... Tray Zombie
Sukhvinder Manku .... Super Zombie
Mark Simms .... Bandaged Zombie
Andrei Volintiru .... General Zombie
Wesley Simms .... Boxing Zombie

Zombies/Dead Bodies
Andrei Volintiru
Bruno Cane
Chris Williams
Hassan Osman
Irene Punchak
Wesley Simms
Zombie Killers was filmed between December 1999 and January 2000. It is one of the first student movies made at C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute located at Finch Avenue and Sentinel Road.
Zombie Killers was an O.A.C. (grade 13) drama class exam project by Paul Nguyen. An estimate 100 hours was spent to shoot, edit and mix the sound for the film. Paul received a grade of 100% and accepted the C.W. Jefferys Art Award in 2000.
Zombie Killers was shot on a Sony Hi8 Handycam and fully edited in-camera. The actors repeated action sequences several times to mimic the look of multiple camera angles. Paul Nguyen served as the fight choreographer and it was the first time he worked with actors and fellow C.W. Jefferys students Faruk Gumus and Justin Zimmerman. Faruk would later reappear in Stalker (2001) and Birth Control (2004).
Trivia: Paul skipped his final art exam to mix the sound effects for Zombie Killers at Peckham Public School. In the original sound edit, sounds effects by handmade using crumpled paper for bone-crunches and pulling masking tape for stabbing sounds. Mark Simms makes a guest appearance as the Bandaged Zombie.
In January 2011, Zombie Killers was remastered in 720p high definition.
Original Zombie Killers VHS cover
Original VHS cover
Scouting the area. 'Looks okay...' 'Let's go.' Entering the darkness. Looking for supplies.
Ready to attack. More zombies. Zombies barricaded. Watch out! Scared.

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