WORC IT Conference 2009
2009 / 11:29 / 12:57
Reporter Sabrina Gopaul
Producer Paul Nguyen
Released: May 9, 2009
Video 259 MB (Part 1)
Video 288 MB (Part 2)
Part 1
Part 2
Sabrina Gopaul covers the WORC IT Conference (Women Of Race Climbing It Together) at the Northwood Community Center on May 8, 2009. WORC IT is a 3 day conference aimed at helping women of colour in the Jane-Finch area achieve career goals and higher education. Interviews include Canadian female hip hop star Michie Mee, Ward 9 Toronto City Councillor Maria Augimeri, For Youth Initiative's Lindsay Renner and EvE. A. Labi and WORC IT public relations coordinator Jackie Porter.

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