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That's The Way It Goes / JNF Anthem
That's The Way It Goes / Jane and Finch Anthem
2006 / 5:31
Directed by Paul Nguyen
Produced by Mark Simms
Alternate ending by Tai Quach
Release date: Mar 2, 2005
Large 46 MB
Medium 17 MB
Alternate ending 36 MB
That's The Way It Goes 3.8 MB
Jane and Finch Anthem 3.3 MB
Growing Up In The Hood 10 MB

That's The Way It Goes / JNF Anthem Behind the scenes
"That's The Way It Goes" was shot on February 22, 2006. The video has dramatic moments mixed with action. There is also a nice G-unit style ending. The ending song is called "JNF Anthem".
Trivia: The background music in the beginning is by Jane-Finch rapper Benny Blacc from Tha Smugglaz. The Jane-Finch Anthem song can also be heard during the intro to CBC's Sounds Like Canada interview with Paul Nguyen, Mark Simms and Blacus Ninjah.
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