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2004 / 4:10
Chuckie Akenz, Burnz & Alejo
Directed by Paul Nguyen
*The first music video produced by
Large 27 MB
Small 3.6 MB
Outtakes 1.7 MB (1:55)
Soldiers 7.5 MB

"Soldier" was the first video collaboration between director Paul Nguyen and rapper Chuckie Akenz. The video was shot on Thursday, March 25, 2004. The walking scene was filmed along Yewtree Blvd and Driftwood Ave. "Soldier" was actually made as a school project for York University professor John McCullough. Due to the tremendous feedback and response Paul Nguyen received, "Soldier" was uploaded online to and started a new generation of independent rap video productions.
Trivia: The rotating rap scenes were filmed in the parking lot of the Jane-Finch Mall. Mall security personnel kindly asked the crew to leave at the end of the song which was filmed in one take. Soldier was the first rap music video that Paul Nguyen directed and he got a "A" for it. This is the video that started it all.
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