School of the Dead
1999 / 19:38
Directed by Paul Nguyen
Released: January 1999
Video 46 MB
School of the Dead was a grade 11 drama class project by Paul Nguyen. It is the first short film shot inside C.W. Jefferys by Paul Nguyen and subsequently paved the way for Zombie Killers the year after. Many of the locations in School of the Dead would reappear in Zombie Killers such as the caretaker's lounge and hallways.

Trivia: School of the Dead was shot on a Hi8 Sony Handycam and fully edited in-camera. The soundtrack was recorded in hi-fi stereo by Paul Nguyen and Chris Williams using a mixing board and microphone. School of the Dead premiered at C.W. Jefferys on a 12 foot screen using the school's video projector.

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