Oakdale Movie Night - Lost in the Struggle
2006 / 7:40
Director Paul Nguyen
Producer Mark Simms
Reporter Sabrina Gopaul
Released: November 6, 2006
Video (20 MB)
On November 3, 2006 at 7:00, Oakdale Community Centre held a movie night for community residents to participate in a discussion about CBC's The Fifth Estate documentary "Lost in the Struggle". Producers Paul Nguyen and Mark Simms, and Jane-Finch.com staff Sabrina Gopaul and Chris Williams were in attendance to share their thoughts and experiences with fellow community members.
Organized by: The Black Creek Community Health-Centre, CLASP , Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre, Jane Finch Street Involved Youth Issues Coalition, Northwood Neighborhood Services and Parks and Recreation (Oakdale Community Centre).
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 Sabrina Gopaul, Mark Simms, Paul Nguyen and Chris Williams Mark Simms and Chris Williams

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