TVO: More 2 Life - Rap Music
2005 / 42:01
Host Mary Ito
Featuring Chuckie Akenz
Aired: January 5, 2006
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Behind the scenes
Chuckie Akenz appears on TVO's More 2 Life hosted by Mary Ito. Chuckie talks about his life and why he makes rap music.
Chuckie Akenz, Paul Nguyen and Mark Simms visit TVO's Studio 2 for a live taping of "More 2 Life". This video shows the reality behind the shooting of a live show. Witness Chuckie getting make up and powdered before the show and watch Paul and Mark as they advise Chuckie and analyze his performance on a closed-circuit television. Mary Ito also talks to Chuckie and Paul in the studio before taping and mentions Paul's comments he made on CBC's Metro Morning.
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