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Long Roads
Long Roads
2004 / 3:42
Chuckie Akenz & Burnz
Directed by Paul Nguyen
Large 27 MB
Outtakes 4.7 MB (2:30)
Long Roads 3.3 MB

"Long Roads" was filmed on Tuesday, May 11, 2004 and is the second music video that appeared on It was directed by Paul Nguyen starring Chuckie Akenz and Burnz. "Long Roads" prominently featured a ghetto makeshift shack that Burnz and his crew actually hang out in. It comes complete with torn out car seats and wooden roofing. "Long Roads" also features the first guest appearances by Chuckie's mom and Burnz' mom in the movie sequences.
Trivia: The music required for lip-syncing was actually played back from a stereo speaker out of a nearby townhouse window. The CD player was left on repeat, and the song was played dozens of times. This is the second music video produced by
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