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I'm Sorry
I'm Sorry
2005 / 3:37
Chuckie Akenz
Directed by Mark Simms
Produced by Paul Nguyen
Large 25 MB
I'm Sorry 3.2 MB

"I'm Sorry" was shot on April 8, 2005 and released online on April 13. This is Chuckie's first music video production directed by Mark Simms. "I'm Sorry" shows a softer side of a Jane-Finch rapper in this touching and poignant video.
Trivia: There were many scenes filmed near a water pond and a building perch that was cut out in the final edit. On the day of the shoot, director Mark Simms was slated to film a video for Chuckie's "Had A Dream" but had to delay the shoot when police uniforms for the actors were not available that day.
Mark Simms directing Chuckie. Paul Nguyen bouncing back the sunlight.
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