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I'm From Jane

I'm From Jane
2007 / 5:36
Sling Dadz
Directed by Chris Strikes
Released: October 26, 2007
MPEG-4 14 MB

“I’m From Jane” by Sling Dadz is a lyrical breakdown of different aspects of the “Jane Strip” which runs from Bloor St. to Steeles Ave.
The music video, directed by Chris Strikes, gives a visual image of the aspects touched on by Sling Dadz. With this video, Chris Strikes’ goal was to illustrate the Jane Strip artistically, using a variety of camera angles, movements and framing; fast paced editing; and a number of different locations to cover Jane St from top to bottom.
“I’m From Jane” was done in black and white in the aim that the video would show unity and represent the whole Jane Strip and make everyone who’s from Jane St feel proud that they are. Shooting the video in black and white also eliminates the gang colours of those in the video, as the main scenes were shot in Threthewey a.k.a. Chuch (a Crip area) and Grandravine a.k.a. Lane (a Blood area), also featuring a few Gator man in the video. This is a strong statement to show that Black people can unit together for a better cause - music.
Director bio: Chris Strikes

Born February 23, 1986 in Toronto’s west end, Chris Strikes is a young director on the rise, aiming to achieve goals of success in the music and film industries. Film wasn’t always a career that Strikes wanted to pursue. As a young boy and for most of his life, Strikes always had ambitions to be a professional soccer player. Anyone who knew Strikes, from elementary to high school knew that this was his one and only passion. He has experience playing competitively all around Ontario, in many regions of the United States and even in England and France. However, as Strikes grew older, he realized that his passion for the game was weakening and his dreams of turning pro were fading. At the age of 18 Strikes decided to quit playing soccer.
At this time, Chris Strikes decided follow another interest that was first sparked at the age of 16; video and film production. Strikes’ new interest strengthened throughout his latter years in high school, as he excelled in his grade 10, 11, and 12 comm-tech and video production classes. After quitting soccer, Strikes made a firm decision that video and film production was the career he wanted to pursue.
In 2005, Chris Strikes was accepted in Centennial College for Broadcast and Film. With the determination to succeed in the program, Strikes excelled. Arriving to school early and staying until early hours of the morning learning how to edit videos and improve his overall production skills. He soon became one of the top students in his class.
During college, Strikes also worked on set of music videos and commercials in Toronto. Although just a Production Assistant (PA; the lowest on-set position), Strikes carefully observed the whole process in creating a production. Always asking questions to different people of different positions, including other more experienced PAs, grips, electricians, art directors, directors of photography, directors, producers, even make-up and wardrobe personnel.
Also during this time, Chris Strikes worked a telemarketing job for 18 months. In May 2006, Strikes saved up enough money and bought a hi-end Canon XL 2 video camera. Although very expensive at the time, it was a purchase that would prove well worthy. During that summer, Strikes was hired to do various videography jobs, now having his own camera. Having quit the telemarketing job, Strikes now had a lot of time to work as a videographer and also practice his shooting and editing skills.
The summer of 2006 was prosperous for Chris Strikes, having been hired on to many jobs, meeting and networking with a lot of people. That summer was capped off in late August when Strikes shot his first music video for a Montreal artist named Swift KID entitled “Take Me Away”. Although the video was a super low budget, it was still a project to get experience in shooting and editing a music video. The following September Chris Strikes teamed up with a new friend, Aaron A, to shoot the “Hate The Game” music video for Toronto artist Nem-S-ISS.

In his second year in college, Chris Strikes became increasingly frustrated and upset with the Centennial’s film program, feeling that the program was more of a cash grab rather then actually teaching and developing skilled students. In December 2006, Strikes shocked his peers and faculty when he went to the department head and announced he wanted to drop out, despite being one of the top students.
2007 was very slow in the beginning for Chris Strikes. However, work soon became bountiful in late spring and early summer, shooting five more music videos and doing freelance videography on the side. In late June 2007, Strikes registered his own production company Striking Videos & Production. That following July, Strikes was asked by, now good friend, Aaron A to assist with a project in Jamaica for adult contemporary artist Jarvis Church. A job that Strikes couldn’t turn down.
Chris Strikes continues to work freelance for various companies, like Maxamus Ent. and Zigga Zagga Productions; and continues to shoot music videos for up and coming artists such as his latest production, Sling Dadz’s “I’m From Jane”. At the tender age of 21 Chris Strikes has the world ahead of him to achieve the goals he has set for himself.
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