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2005 / 3:51
Benny Blacc
Directed by Paul Nguyen
Produced by Mark Simms
Assisted by Chris Williams
Release date: May 26, 2005
Large 31 MB
Small 3.4 MB
Gangsta 8.9 MB

"Gangsta" was shot on location in the 'G-side' area and marks the first official collaboration between the famed Smugglaz rappers and the team. Filmed on May 22, 2005.
Trivia: Chuckie Akenz makes a cameo appearance in this film.
Courtesy of 2005
Written by Benny Blacc
Intro: For all of 'em dudes out there hollerin' all that Gangsta 'ish, this ones for ya'll man.
All my gangstas, all my thugs.

Ya'll ain't no gangstas man, ya'll niggaz is liars
every time I came inside I had to see my mamma cry,
 cause she thought I was gonna die, or get locked up all I'm hearing on the streets is buck, buck, buck, buck,
or the sirens look in my eyes I ain't lying thugs on the streets dying we packing iron, "lord please help me change my ways show a lil' mercy on judgment day" like Pac & the outlawz I'm feeling ya'll I been A lil G' since I started to crawl Throwing mammas figurines across the wall then robbing mothafuckaz at the Jane'n'Finch mall a real Gangsta, Yo' I do what I gotta I got a Gangsta Bitch Slanging dope at the Ramada or jerking dicks at the parla' it don't matter gangstaz if you feel me holler.

CORUS: (Benny B.L.A.C.C.) Is you a Gangsta? (Scotch Butta) Slanging with your homies out banging with your homies Packing cannons with your homies (Benny B.L.A.C.C) Now thats Gangsta (Scotch Butta) Revenge ain't a question if some niggaz start testing just pull the smith'n'weston (Benny B.L.A.C.C.) A Real Gangsta (Scotch Butta) Don't give a shit if you die he only loves getting high with that new .4-5 (Benny Blacc) is you a Gangsta (Scotch Butta) Robbin' niggaz for they money killing niggaz for they money only making blood money.

Vers 2: Would you, fly cross seas & smuggle back ki's so we can make G'z pon G'z just you and me we like mickie & malery both of us naturally born to kill and will baby girl put the gun to his grill and pell, his nappy cap back if he don't show us where the cash at gimmie that let's splash boogie this girl gimmie a kiss when we get home jump on the dick after we count chips, she my gangstress she does what she gotta she slang cocaine puff a lil marajuna she my lil mamma and i'm her big poppa both of out to make that bigga doller. All my gangstaz be feeling this shit full up ya' clip and bust to this, Gangsta......


Vers 3: do you know what you want in life? did you set your goals did you strive for it day and night is you alright? do you love how you livin' life? is you a nine 2 five nigga? or the gangsta type?
So many wannabe's it make me sick I wonder what happen to rap now a days it sounds like baby shit, commercial rap is on the map and its making me sick I turn on the radio and i'm like what the fuck is this? rappers turning reggae singers claiming they cold and from the projects filming my projects when i catch'em i'ma box'em step on'em bally boot with my tim boot see my killaz got it locked ready to murk ya' whole crew, fool. You know who the fuck i be S_M_U, 2.G'z L_A_Z on the solo call me Benny B.L.A.C.C. I'm 7:30 (crazy) Dirty reppin' I.C.E.
OUTRO: (whisper) Gangsta. World Wide Gangsta.
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