G4TV Gadgets & Gizmos - Jane-Finch.com interview
2005 / 5:42
Interview by Pay Chen
Hosted by Marc Saltzman
Aired: August 4, 2005
Outtakes 5 MB
Behind the scenes
OMNI TV personality Pay Chen interviews webmaster Paul Nguyen about how Jane-Finch.com is using web technology and entertainment to teach kids about the history of their own community.
Jane-Finch.com was featured across Canada on the G4 TV network on Gadgets and Gizmos on August 4, 2005 available on Rogers Digital TV. Pay Chen interviews Paul Nguyen about the website and reveals the technology behind the website. "It's not easy to get teens to check out a Website to learn about the history of where they live. But if you put something interesting alongside the educational material, they just might find themselves entertained and a little wiser. Pay tags along with the creators of a site where music videos made with local artists are put online to reach a broader audience and create a sense of community." - Marc Saltzman, host of G&G
Paul Nguyen, Mark Simms, Andrei Petrik and Chuckie Akenz appear in a special segment on the G4 TV network program called Gadgets and Gizmos. The show is hosted by OMNI TV personality Pay Chen. The segment was shot on May 21, 2005 and aired August 4, 2005 featuring Jane-Finch.com and some music videos.
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We would like to thank producer Maurice Cacho and TV personality Pay Chen for their excellent work.

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