Crossroads: A Web Series
2009 / Total: 17:54
Starring Jason Roberts & Patrice Henry
Directed by Jason Roberts
Released: July 26, 2009
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Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Crossroads: A Web Series is a three-part short film series project developed and produced as part of a Web series pilot in 2008.

The series introduce us to a character named Adam Grant. Adam Grant is an emotionally troubled Jane-Finch twenty something secretly selling drugs to undergrad students at the local university campus as a way of making enough cash to record the demo album he needs to pursue his dreams of becoming a famous pop R & B singer.

Uber-sexy hipster Justin Turner is introduced at the beginning as a gonzo journalist curious to know if any of the news media's hype about Jane and Finch is true. To do this, Justin moves into the Jane and Finch area and starts a video blog about his experiences living in the Jane-Finch Neighbourhood.

Eager to get actively involved in the community, Justin befriends Adam's sister, Salisha Grant. Salisha Grant is a star journalism student at the university and host of her own popular radio show. Salisha is actively involved in taking action towards positively transforming the negative image of Jane and Finch.

Salisha has started a dialogue between students and the wider Jane-Finch community about a much talked about plan to re-brand the Jane and Finch area by changing the neighborhood's name to a more sophisticated-sounding "University Heights".

Justin has his own plans for a way to help Salisha in her community building efforts; but those are abruptly halted when Salisha is unexpectedly "arrested" by campus police -- unknowingly questioned in connection with her brother Adam's drug deal gone disastrously wrong.
Directed by Jason Roberts and Michael Romandel

Edited by Kenneth Molen
Written by Jason Roberts
Story by Jason Roberts and Michael Romandel
Camera by Jason Roberts and Michael Romanel

Jason Roberts
Patrice Henry

Additional Cast:
Russel Harder
Mohsen Mirkhani
Kendeh Bah

Scenes filmed on location at CHRY (York University). Additional scenes filmed at the University of Toronto.

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