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What if I died tonight?
By Eduardo Ramon

What if I died tonight
would the world take notice

I know my moma would cry
my fam would feel like
a part of them died that night
but would the rest of the world blink an eye
would the people who say they're down ready to ride
would they truly ride or die
or would the end of my life not even phase their minds

Death's, beef, and heartbreaks
filled me with rage
all i felt was pain
swearing in vain
until one day
I realized
it was me killing myself inside
talk of others living blind
but where's my sight

Drinkin liqa how do i figga
i'm right
how can i fight if i dont even have my own shit right
i'm jus opening, revealing thoughts
captivating my mind
wondering wat if G-d decides its my time tongiht

cuz wat OF My life?
have I done right
have I influenced at least one mind
lived a life of sin
for soo long believing the misconception
eventually i found it
but what of others still waiting for G-d's blessin
Diosito when is it time to end oppression
questions i ask

show my brotha's are more than just tits and ass
but baby girl carry yourself wit class
and pride
wait for love
dun hate but look above
know your a worthy wife
for a man who has his mind right
but forgive us
cuz we livin life like
thieves in the night
Blackstar said it right
change the stereotype
dont eva take it light
cuz wat if you die tonight
what have you done in life

People we not feeble
believe in you cuz no 1 else will
be real
but i cant say dont steal
when i done stole alot
raged enough to wana bust off shots
reachin nex mans blocks
just to fuk up their spots
but i been CAGED enough to stop

Pain and suffering filled my brain
said fuk this game
fuk this chase for fame
and all that bling bling
and ting ting
Diamonds be killin the kids who mine them
so cars and jewlery so far dont phase me
the Street Dream
this world aint fair
or even steven blessing Chikiting
for makin me believe it
expect the unexpected
look to our woman for more than just the sexin
acceptin all the neglected yout
im tryin 2 show u
more to life than red or blue
click or crew
MOST teachers are fuked in skool
tryin to keep us and you
thinkin we happy being clowns
fuk that smile be wild
minority Kings and Queens
and I know we're gona succeed

but it's no longer just about the rassas
we divided by money social classes
so put on your glasses
like Pablo yo te lo hablo
look at things from a new perspective
truly take life and live cuz it is a true blessin
don't ask much but just a minute for ya'll to listen
cuz i got nothing but love
and i search above
for the spirit of Che Guevara
the essence of Victor Jara
cantando con la guitara
and I will NEVER retire
cuz wat if i die tonight