Things Changed
By Syd Harvey

I'm from where the corners meet
Finch Avenue and Jane Street
Where violence is just another part of life
Everyday you see the parents trying to make a living
Making every dollar be worth a hard day of pain and strife
Teenage girls skipping school because having sex is a must
Not knowing that the only person they once have trusted has lost their trust
In my court bullets are speaking in tongues for no reason at all
While in the next court the bigger mon dem are playing ball
How can a neighborhood that was rich in spirit lose pride in itself
We just lost a fallen soldier, call the cops we need some help
Don't bother with that, there's no point in their arrival
They already know the verdict, they've been watching us play survival
Housing co-operation don't have no more space for these wild animals
While these wild animals are caged in and are still having wild animals
When will we ever get back our dignity and pride
Or are we just little cowards, this is hide and seek, so go hide
I put too much into this and don't get anything back
I've been blind sighted and lost my way, gotta get back on track
Running with all my might and strength I have left
Never to stop, turn around and look
I just don't get it anymore
How can someone love something so bad and give it away
Hoping and praying that if they let it go it will come back someday
Trust has become an issue that we don't want to solve
Ask the crackhead if living is an option that he had to choose
He'd say f*** life and f*** me
I was a dead broke born to lose
Don't be upset, that was the chance you chose to take
Or get mad at your boss because you didn't get your last break
Be thankful that your surviving and living well today
And that you're sitting on good terms with the ones you love
They couldn't have woken up this morning
Because they chose to be with the man up above.

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