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The Moment
By Rui Pereira
this is the moment to shine
time to reach ahead and save all souls who were left behind
the moment to touch
the peaks of all mountains still untouched
moment to rest the restless bodies who are never home
anxious day when they came their children are all grown
moments to cry... when love is young and shy
until the new day came and the sun burnt it all and we ask why
why did we lose our way when the path seemed so simple
we thought we had time to spare but in the end we had so little
it is our eyes. they let us see but we walk blind
no importance given to the blue sky, we search for gold and what we find
is never the truth
only lies introduced as proof
and it hurts as we see these kids living with no roof to sleep under
understand that in my speech i am not the witness
so I speak for those who cannot battle the survival of the fittest
I try to make each second last
before this moment is joined with the past
in this vast universe now obsolete,
where nothing I believe in is concrete

buildings fall and collapse on the streets of the city
where now have started rumors of a vast conspiracy

and although we have safe boarders I feel enemies in our vicinities
or maybe it is just I who don't feel safe around security
it is also the moment to give life
so that we can live in an age of prosperity in which there is no need to forgive
we have finally learned not to sin
however growth involves change from which we are not accustomed today
we seem to fit in well with this December painted in grey,
walking through colorless days

even with all our senses we still cannot see
we push every moment of thought into reality

not even thinking twice about the danger in the nightmares
we will eventually get stuck, caught in the demons glares
we see the rain fall
can't be a part of it
we give away pain but the love we sell it
we know the way by now we just can't go there
wait for the perfect moment till then...
just rest here