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By Nicole Farias

Life isn't fair; the world isn't right;
nothing makes sense in this world now devoid of light.
the only thing that has ever made sense is gone
and this I don't understand.
I don't understand why I had to lose the one I love.
I don't understand why they would take you away from me.
I don't understand why I had to stay behind.
love is forever so where are you now?
we were meant to be; why am I not with you?
why am I left behind, missing you,
missing your touch, your love, your laughter, your life?
you made me whole; you completed me
and without you, I am not myself; I am not who I am supposed to be.
you filled me; you made everything right.
without you here I am empty, broken and alone.
what cruel twist of fate has taken you from me?
why would he give you to me and then take you away?
a union of souls is forever; you can't have one without the other,
so why did he take you away from me; doesn't he know we were meant to be.
it's not fair to show me perfect love,
to show me complete happiness, pure love, true friendship, perfect existence,
and then take it away, and leave me with nothing.
I don't understand why they took you from me.
I don't understand how they expect me to go on.
they gave you to me; I gave you my heart;
they took you from me; they took my heart.
they took my love, my life, my everything
and left me here alone.
I have nothing left; how am I supposed to live.
how do I move on when you still have my heart.
I don't understand life; I don't know;
I just don't understand.
I wish I could find someone to give me some answers.
but you are gone and I'm left standing alone.