The sorrow of my drowning tears
By Charlene Campbell
The sorrow of my drowning tears as the rain falls to cleanse out my struggling messed up soul.
As I cry as the waterfalls of my tears are like my sparkling teardrop, as I canít stop letting my heart cry of Michael Jackson wonderful spirited soul. Like my tears drowning into lonely sorrow who is trying to fade into my tears to hide itself from the friendly world.

When my inner expressing self wanted and begging to break free from the shy able shell, like how god the creator watching his glowing ball turn into Sorrow of the drowning tears which are starting to melt away and never return to its normal root.

The crying lust of my soul

The crying lust of my soul is like the burning open flames of my beautiful desire.

As the mother wind talking and blowing the trees side to side as they try to keep

They stood in Mother Nature as the night creature howling at the moon so she can hear its cry for guidance and watching over her and her young cubs.

Like the diamond mother swan watching the night as she swims like mother earthís watcher and protector in the rain forest as my empty soul floats over as my dreams bloom of heavenly stardust of treasures.

As the crying of my soul needing of emptiness folding to peace, love and sorrow as I cry to god to wash out my dirty empty soul as my soul turns into lust and lust crying for my soul to shine out in the clean forest rain of dreams of gold slivery delight of my soul.

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