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By Hieu Huynh
Remember the day remember all the way
How we used to be together every single day
Simple things in life we had to go through
Every days a dream and the sky so blue
But sometimes I donít even know what to do
Because you say you love me but baby is it true
Because I feel for you and ill always be there
This is my prayers

And even tho I put you through all this misery
Youíre still here just waiting for me
So I give you my heart I give you my soul
Thatís all you need and baby want to let you know
that I love you
I miss you
I want you in my life
Hopefully one day youíll be my bride or maybe even my wife
Cause I pray everyday and I hope god hears
What Iím trying say
Cause if you reach the end of your rope
Just simply tie a knot and hang on...