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My Life
By Mandie
"My name is Mandie. I no longer live in TO but, grew up at Driftwood Court Unit 7 #11.
Would not change the past of my life for nuttin. Times were hard, rough and likkle scary at times
but I am still here and still goin for my dreams."
Sometimes people talk
Not knowin the sharpness of their tongue
not knowin where youve been
and how far youve come

People they talk you in your face with all the glam and respect
But how easily that can change
When they wanne chat bout where you be from
When they hear Driftwood Court
Jane and Finch raised
all they seem to muster
is that must have been hard
They look in disbelief
question you were from where?!?!?!

Been beat down a many a time
for the colour of my skin
Because I wanted to play in Jaquline's park
A 5 year old looking in confustion
Honkys cant play back there
now get goin
before you get licked down

Didnt understand why
I just wanted to ride the tire swing
Me an my big sis pumpin
that tire as high as we could
Needles in the sand
Cato watchin over
Trackin the time

But everyday I went to play
On that tire swing
Was more afraid of the security guards which surrounded
the park at the front

they would irritate my dog
Untill one day they did it no more
As Brutis somehow tore off his chain
as they banged a stick on the front bars
That is what I said and I aint swayin so

Playin marbles on the cement
singin Boom, boom, boom from the car tops
The kool-aid we would sell

Goin to Dino Fish and Chips
to give him a message
Then pickin up some patties and bubblegum pop
Walkin back to the yard
Runnin fast
Gettin chased by a three legged dog

I sit back and take this small recolectt
What it was like to be me
Deep in the jungle
Life was real;

Memories sweep over me I have never changed
only the surroundings which are before me