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Me Music
By Steven Salguero

...music is a way of life
and an exit to all problems
with patience and dedication
finding the right keys
at the right time
is the first step you take
to feed the heart
the soul and the mind
but before i go on
i wanna give a round
of applause to all those
that are lyrically
poetically or musically inclinded
you are the people that can
dissect music, books and rhymes
and read them as if they were the abc's
line after line
time after time
different eras
come with different genres
that impact our everyday lives
whether you're mad, happy, drunk
livin in dispair
or even when you're high
music is affiliated with life
whether you're bobbin your head to the beat
or you're making timed music with your feet
making sure the rhythm doesnt die
but it continues to breed
so this is the life that i lead
no acts, no gimmicks, no pleads
i jus want the whole world to know
that i'm finally ready..

...heavy steve...