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By Steven Salguero
Steven Rafael Gomez Salguero
is my full name
poetry, music, loved ones and ecuador
dwell pure cure spells in my veins
jane n shoreham is my main intersection
the blade in my pocket is my will n protection
disconnected connections
will catch up to leathal infections
girls hold me back
from givin this world true affection
tryin to live life off a low budget pension
spittin about life
not for attention
but for the act
of skippin every detention
never asking any questions
still being alive
shall always be a blessing
never finished school
yet that doesnt make me a fool
i'm still useful like a tool
to alot of people
im precious like a jewel
wherever i go
im wearin baggy pants very low
not to be cool
i rock bandanas
to cover my hair
not to rep a crew that
walks in suits of red or blue
im jus me
heavy as u can see
not tryin to be
somebody on tv
that has to be so icy
i wanna be that man
that brings ma family
more money
more groceries
so we can all eat properly
wit no bills to pay
and no worries.
pen n pad
broken up green leafs
to fill in
a century sam
a 40 on my lap
is all i need
this is my life story
this is who i am
i hope y'all understand
all of this is my destiny
...heavy steve...