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Letter To A Convict
By Jennifer Mach
I feel so isolated, lost and alone
You left me so confused and cold
In the world that you livin in,
I had to learn to expect anything
I know how it gets it the fast lane
Making money, stayin in the drug game
But I was always there, through the bad times and the good
Turn the volume up when the news mentions your hood
And I'd always hope that nothings going wrong
Cuz I dont know what I'll do when my babys gone
Now it became a realility,
Suddenly this is killin me so badly
The thoughts of us before seem like perfection
But now my mind is goin in another direction
Cuz Im questioning my status, do you still think about me
Is out love in your heart, or is it all just a memory
When your layin in your cell who do you wish to see?
I hope its me, the love of your life, your wife homie
Im here by myself, reminisicin bout da past
Wishin we done things to make our feelings last
I miss you so bad, I need you wit me
Writing this only makes me feel good temporary
I'll do anything just to see your face one more time
Hold you close to me, tell you everything gonna be fine
Just promise me that you'll be a better man
And I promise you I'll do whatever I can
But for now, all I can do is write my love down on paper
Send it away, and hope you receive my letter.....