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A poem dedicated to Jordan Manners
By Cassandra W.

Can Someone Tell Me Why

Can someone tell me why,
It takes violence to bring black people on TV today?
Can someone tell me why
Every day a life is taken away?
So many tears fall because of this pain
Another young black boy shot and killed.
Can someone tell me who is to blame?

Blood shed from the youngest of the young
Bullet holes allow blood to fill their lungs.
A school….isn’t it suppose to be a safe place
I guess not since a speeding bullet rushed through the place.

Another tear falls from a mothers eyes and runs down her face,
As she thinks of her little boy and his sweet face.

Can someone tell me why
Can someone tell me why a mother has to bury her young black child.
I can tell you why…
it is due to a blast of a gun….
why a mother has to say bye to her young

All we can do is pray…
Pray for his mother, friends and family
Pray that they will be ok.
Pray that another parent won’t have to re-live this day….
Pray that another mother won’t have to go through this pain.

Can someone stand up and make a change
Can someone stand up and see that this tragedy doesn’t happen once again.

-Cassandra W

Dedicated to Jordan Manners
May 18,1992 - May 23, 2007