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By Rui Pereira
i want to be home!

it doesnt quite feel safe where i am
even though these four walls i am so protected by
keep me away from the outside
i still want to be home...

a place i thought i knew
but now i don't
a place where once i grew
but now i grew shorter
where i follow maps
only to end up lost
i have to go home!

i want to run there
walk there
break every wall on my way there.
cause this place where i am now
scares me.
im surrounded by voices
and these voices are inside me.
i yell for them to leave but
in return they just kick me out.

home is where i want to be.
no longer seduced by this comfy bed
all i want is to be home! - in a place where comfort
is the ability to hold her
and therefore to be held back

in this place where i jump
and always fall short,
i can no longer be.
where angels must cry
to provide us with the rains,
i can no longer be.
where every day is followed by darkness
from this place i must leave!

all i want is to be home...
pick up my things and just go...
mom please forgive me
but this does not feel like home...
a place where it seems that i don't even welcome myself in anymore.
mom, this is not my home.

when i flip a coin to help me decide
the answer i get is always "try again later"
as if i have time to spare
and a coat to wear
in this harsh weather.

i just want to be home...
that place so easy to be
but hard to go.
easy to see
but hard to show.
simple to understand
but difficult to know!

i need to be in that place where everything is easy to endure
and to me that place is next to her.
that is the only place i want to go.
that is the only place i can possibly call home.