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Grow Up
By Nghia Nguyen

Grow up, they always said
Stop lying there in your bed
Pretending you know about love and life
Pretending you understand about pain and strife
You're only a teen, what troubles could you have?
You're only a child, why in the hell would you be sad?

Grow up, they always said
You act as though you're already dead
You are only 16 years old
You can't possibly have told
The world anything important at all
You act as though you live to fall

Grow up, they always said
Your problems are all in your head
Go into the world, enjoy the days
Clear your head, forget your "pains"

Grow up, they always said...
Grow up...

I think that they ought to grow up
Just thinking of what they've got to say makes me want to throw up
Just because we're teens, doesn't mean we don't know anything at all
Just because we're young, doesn't mean we can't fall
Just because we're children, doesn't mean they can boss us around
Just because we're naught but pups, doesn't mean we belong in the pound

Grow up, they always said...
Live your life... you are not yet dead
Grow up, we were always told...
Be a kid, you're only 16 years old
Grow up, it's something all children hear...
Stop being depressed, enjoy the young years
Grow up, they always said...
Live your life... you are not yet dead

Grow up, because there's life beyond these school walls
Someone will always be there to pick you up everytime you fall
Grow up, because there's no reason to cry
Why do so many children live in order to die?
Grow up, because there's a reason to live
Share your feelings, you've got alot of love to give
Grow up, because this isn't right
Why stress yourself before you sleep at night?
Grow up, this is only the beginning
You've much to live for, and plenty to be giving
Grow up, you've alot to learn
Respect and love, is something you must earn
Grow up, this is the end of my advice
You'll be okay... everything will be alright.