The Game of the Streets
By Andrea Tabnor
The youths of the streets are playing what they call a "GAME", and they're the players
The "GAME" that's being played is a deadly game with no rules only consequences
If they're not willing to play the "GAME" without rules then automatically they have to pay the consequences
The players of the "GAME" start playing confused, they get misguided
Not only do they lose the "GAME" they lose their life
Your playmates find someone else to play the "GAME" with because you're not around anymore
The players will always' remember you for that moment,
When they leave that cemetery and go home you're no longer in their memory
They start looking for other players to play the "GAME" while your life is gone without any fame
What kind of a "GAME" is worth losing your life

What kind of a "GAME" makes your mom cry at night
What kind of a "GAME" takes away your daylight
What kind of a "GAME" makes you live in fright
What kind of a "GAME" makes you hold a grudge
That kind of a "GAME" makes you see a judge
This game is not worth playing it only causes pain and sorrow
I wish it never existed so Jane-Finch could have a better tomorrow


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