Freedom and Truth
By Daniel Kirilo (a.k.a. Knowledge Culture)
Human condition

Some will try and be free by smoking a big session.
Some people thought that to be free meant to stop oppression

We thought once slavery ended there would be no more hurtin.
There was more to that "peculiar institution" that is for certain

True freedom was not gained in 1863.
It changed the outcome of the war, not the minds of the Confederacy.

Enough time has passed but where are we now?
It is up to us to seek the truth and stand up proud.

Knowledge of self is the first truth to be found.
It all starts with you, now isn't that profound.

Is anybody free in this world of OURS?
The ones who hold the power and drive fancy cars?

I pose one question to those who think they are free.
How can you be-you have been blinded not to see-The Truth!

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