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Emotions of a Thug
By Ziggy
Emotions of a thug ain't often shown he focuses on no love,
the motto the streets have forced him to know
but you got to open your eyes and realize baby life is more
than that hustle that flow
let me be that star in your life that truly gleams truly glows
I know behind all that pride there still exists my Romeo
Boy where did your affection go?
I cared for you further than from the heart but from the depth of my soul,
I know your devoted to your hustle and I keep that shii- tight
but you need to recognize your wifey when you were lost in the devils darkness I brought to angels light
when I thought the struggle blinded you, I kneeled down and prayed to God to give you heavens sight,
boy you need to acknowledge the fact that I've stuck around to hold you down and make things right
So many sleepness nights that I put myself through for you I'm trying my hardest to hold on to you but you need to tell your past misery to leave
I thought that after all our struggle together you would of recognized I am the only woman you need
but your addicted to these streets your only responding to your foolish pride and ridiculous greed
baby every thug has their weaknesses
so I wanna be there to give you strength to proceed
I know genuine love is something you thought you'd never receive
but your my soldier your my thug and
I'm here to give you all the love your mind would of never conceived..