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Damn I can't sleep
By Eduardo Ramon

I tried 2 sleep
but i cant dream
so i guess i'd try to make
this pen bleed

drinking and drinking
i pass these nights and days
hoping to take away the pain
yo pienso(i try to think..in spanish)
but my thoughts remain the same
maybe im sick yo
cuz i try to find the remedy
in this alcohol

feels like my mind is in a
paralyzed state..soo much hate
condemn this juice
and im drinkin a beer right here
as i write this thru to you
im lost and cant find the truth
all this bullshit simply has me confused

i dont know wat to think anymore
cuz wat if i walk out that door
and never breathe again
i swear i feel death's breathe
breathing on my neck
wat if i work so hard to never make it
wat if i talk non-violence
and sum kid empties the clip
leaving me forever in silence
everyone thinking they live men
holdin the nine wit dem
i cant fight this time
i jus feel myself fallin

feelin so alone iuno
it's neva been like this before
i write wondering if anyone's
gona ever hear my voice
reciting these words
diggin your own grave they say
forty after forty
and cant nobody save me
i guess im just fukin my own destiny
fuk thinkin i jus wish i culd sleep..

Rest In Peace my brotha Jason 4 ever we gon hold u down