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Angry Girls
By Jennifer Mach
Its that anger again, that same feeling
Making me feel a little heated
This is too powerful, definately not controlable
Angry girls? Thats a whole new level
Especially when its all locked up inside
See now Im waitin for her to repeat it
And in the midst, I pull out that word, that voice
So now she thinks she's brave?
And outta no where it pours out
No flow, no pattern, just anger
Anger that cant seem to stop
Loud, crazy, and dramatic
Tempted to do major damage
Blood sweat and tears
Now shes laying on the ground, Im getting a sense of victory
Walking away like the champ
With my guilty conscience jumping inside
Still, looking tough from the outside
Problem temporarily solved, but not satisfied
Realised, all this went by too quick
And the reason?
She said I was a bitch.