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By Steven Salguero

its time for me to be amplified
i'll take a stand
cuz i know
im ready to let
my words and feelings collide
with no fear
and i can't lie
you gotta be ready to die
for boasting about
how you feel inside
not hiding anything
going all out with pride
you know that by givin me
a minute or so of your time
to read my rhymes
will do alot
for you and your mind
so peep this
let me break this ice
let me shake this bide
that isnt a lie
cuz people die
as fast as oil prices rise

heir is not the antidote
but there is a cure
if you dont wanna know
how can your heart be pure?
how will your spirit endure
what life lures to you
at your door?
have you seen the american eagle
soar through the skies sore?
the "united" eagle isnt welcomed
in core places like Venezuela
Chile, Iraq, Lebanon, Ecuador, Cuba, Colombia
Guatemala, El Salvador
the homes of the many people
that are way too weak to scorn
livin life where every week
you're dirt poor

kids are dying
mothers are crying
the media keeps lying
im denying
everything thats flying
inside my mind everytime
cuz i know it takes more then
forensic science to solve
the mysteries of violence
to not keep the third world countries
down on their knees
to not keep the minorities in silence
oh god please

humanity is at its worst
and it makes no sense
everybody is fighting for their
last 50 cents
but nobody remembers what
Che Guevara, Malcom X
or Martin Luther King last said
everyone jus knows they're all dead
dreams of revolution
was their solution
to enhance the resolution
but the television keeps
diluting our minds with pollution
leaving our society diagnosed
with confusion

boys and girls
men and women
are filled with disillusion
so all this bullshit
leads up to my conclusion
media and capitalism
have made a deadly fusion
that injects us
with a leathal dose of poison
thats why im making the choice
to make noise with my voice
to fill in all voids
that this world has thrown
infront of mankinds joy...

...heavy steve...