Turf Grassway (Connections) 2007
41 image set (September 2007) / Photos by Michelle Meadus
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About photographer Michelle Meadus
An original resident of 40 Turf Grassway, or "Connections". The Meadus family moved in just after the new year in 1975. Michelle was 4 years old at the time and the Meadus' lived on the 3rd floor, apartment #304. The building was new, and they were one of the first residents to move in. At that time, growing up in the Grassways was probably a lot different then it is today. As kids, they "camped" out on the balconies, and played there freely as all the units had no railings closing them in. And in the summer, pool-hopping was something the kids did, especially on those hot and humid nights. When it was cold enough in the winter, the pool was used to skate on by many kids of the area. The building doors were always unlocked, so it was very easy to move around. And since the buildings are connected, there was another way to get around. As a young kid, Michelle's common way to travel was using the roof-top's to travel from 40 Turf Grassway to go to and see her friends who lived in 17 Cane Grassway.
Michelle Meadus, the youngest of 4 moved out in 1989, and her father remained there until 1994.

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