For 14 grueling years Sean Bottrell grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Hanging out on the streets getting into trouble he figured his life was going nowhere.  And at that point he was right. At the age of 13 he watched many of his friends killed including family members because of local street gangs. That's when he knew it was time to get out so he and his only parent, a strong woman and definitely his role model, decided to pack up and ship out. Ontario here we come. After relocating constantly switching schools and getting in trouble Sean realized no more games life's too short. He decided it was time for another change. Getting into local hockey around his town of Welland Ontario Sean made quite a name for himself as one of the premiere goalies in Jr-B hockey after a few short months the OHL would give birth to SeanB.  But a few years later Sean's dream of becoming an NHL goalie would be shattered. Game 3 of the playoffs his knee was shattered. 2 years went by and Sean wondered if he had a purpose in life. Then came October 3rd 2004 Sean had his first daughter. Now with Sean losing his hockey career and everything else built up in his life where would he focus his aggression. HIP HOP would be his new way to express himself. Along the way he has been hated, beaten, battered and criticized but still no obstacle will stop him the man known as SeanB. With over 75 1st place songs on Soundclick, 3 Number 1's on MySpace many mixtapes released is Niagara really ready for SeanB? He really is "Mr. Ontario". Late 2008, SeanB decided it's time to quit. January 9th 2009, he had his son Dallas Owen Bottrell. 2010 is here and SeanB is back.

Name: Sean Bottrell (a.k.a SeanB)
Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario

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