Chuckie Akenz
Chuckie Akenz is one of the first Vietnamese rappers from the Jane-Finch area. He is one of the most well-known and regarded Asian rappers in Canada. His music is downloaded all over the world and his popular music video "You Got Beef?" has been highly publicized in the media.
Chuckie Akenz
Chuckie Akenz: The Return To Fame Chuckie Akenz & 21 Clipz: In The Guns We Trust Chuckie Akenz & 21 Clipz: Jane & FinchChuckie Akenz & 21 Clipz: Twenty One Clipz Edition Chuckie Akenz: Street Spitters
Name: Chuckie Akenz (C-A, Chuckie A.)
Location: Jane & Finch

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