Sounds Like Canada - Jane and Finch
2005 / 53:24
Host Shelagh Rogers
Featuring Paul Nguyen and Blacus Ninjah
Aired: December 2, 2005
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Paul Nguyen and Blacus Ninjah are featured on the national CBC morning radio program Sounds Like Canada hosted by Shelagh Rogers. Paul takes Shelagh on a tour of the Jane-Finch community and recounts many positives memories about growing up in the neighborhood. The interview was conducted on November 28, 2005 and aired on December 2, 2005. Sounds Like Canada broadcasts across Canada weekdays at 10:00 AM on CBC Radio One.

"Sounds Like Canada travels to the Jane and Finch neighbourhood in Toronto. After a number of recent shootings, there's more talk about what to do with the increase in gangs and guns. Shelagh hooks up with some young activists and goes on a driving tour of the neighbourhood. They'll show us a more positive side of their community... one that they'd really like the rest of Canada to hear about."
Blacus Ninjah, Shelagh Rogers, Toneka Morgan and Paul Nguyen

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