Peace By Peace Festival 2008

For ten years, Peace by Peace has contributed to the community and helped to resolve conflict within the city of Toronto. Founded in Toronto by Robin Sacks and Ashlie Clasen in 1997, this volunteer-run organization has grown significantly in the past decade. The Peace by PEACE Board and Exec extends an invitation to local media to join the fun of Peace Festival 2008.

Peace by PEACE (Playful Explorations in Active Conflict-resolution Education) is a not-for-profit organization that delivers an 11-week program of conflict resolution and anger management to elementary school students across Metropolitan Toronto. The Peace by PEACE curriculum is composed of games, role-playing and arts and crafts activities that challenge the students to deal with conflict in a method that is peaceful and fun. The program focuses on grade 5 students and teaches them basic conflict resolution skills and anger management techniques.

This year’s annual Peace Festival 2008 will be held at Downsview Park, Toronto on April. 23rd, 2008 from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. The theme for the Peace Festival is Media Frenzy, where games and activities will highlight the positive aspects of media by focusing on media’s ability to promote messages of anti-violence and respect for others.

Our Special Guest is our MC Mark Simms, an active member of the Jane-Finch community and the executive producer for Mr. Simms is an outspoken personality and continues to appear in the media as a spokesperson for the website. He continues to proudly serve the community of Jane-Finch through his speaking engagements and motivational activities designed for students. Contact Mark Simms at

With close to 1000 students, teachers, and volunteers coming to the festival, your support will help Peace by PEACE challenge young people to look beyond violence and motivate them to become tomorrow’s successful problem solvers. For more information visit:

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