Give A 'Hood A Bad Name...
Paul Nguyen gives an audio tour of Jane-Finch and interviews local residents to get the real story behind the neighborhood's reputation. Produced by Outfront's Laurence Stevenson. The radio documentary called "Give a 'Hood a Bad Name" aired on CBC Radio One (99.1 FM) on April 17, 2007. Featuring music by Tha Smugglaz and Chuckie Akenz. Visit the Outfront website. Download
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Give A 'Hood A Bad Name...
by: Paul Nguyen

Paul Nguyen has lived in the multi-racial, suburban neighbourhood of Toronto known as 'Jane and Finch' for nearly nearly his whole life. It may be poor and have a reputation for violence, but for him and his friends, it's home. He takes us on a tour.

Producer: Laurence Stevenson

Featuring: Kayode Brown, Mark Dezilva and Allen Adam.


Paul Nguyen at the sound studio with CBC producer Laurence Stevenson.

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