Save the Whales
By Julie Nguyen
May 17, 2005

Hi to all you Jane-Finchers out there and to our other guests from around the globe. I’d just like to bring your attention to the two causes I firmly believe in and encourage you to sign the online petition to help out a good cause.

First off is the situation with the severely endangered North Atlantic right whale, there are approximately 300 left in the entire world! And each year three different types of endangered whales become trapped by fishing gear, which can injure and even kill the whales. The petition is to persuade the government to be more aggressive for the protection of these precious creatures.

The second is the Canadian subsidized seal hunt, where almost one million defenseless baby seals will be slaughtered over the time period of 3 years. These baby seals are mercilessly either shot or beaten to death with clubs. Ninety-six percent of them are no more than three months old and some are even skinned alive! This massacre is the world’s biggest intentional slaughter of baby seals.

I plead to you, to please sign these online petitions because your voice does matter and you can make a difference! I encourage you to tell all your family and friends and get them to sign too! It cost nothing for you to sign and will only take a couple minutes of your time. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by preserving these beautiful animals for future generations to come. Furthermore, there are also other great online petitions that you can check out and sign if you want to help out, the site is

Here are the direct links where you can find more information regarding the N. Atlantic Right Whale and Baby Seals and also where you can sign the petitions:

The North Atlantic Right Whale:

Baby Seals:

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