Canada's Toughest Neighborhood
by Chris Richardson
In his thesis, entitled "'Canada's Toughest Neighbourhood': Surveillance, Myth and Orientalism in Jane-Finch," Richardson presents a brief history of Jane-Finch as it has been represented in popular Canadian newspapers. The study specifically critiques journalists' (re)presentation of the community. For those who are interested in Jane-Finch but not necessarily into theory, Richardson recommends reading the introduction (pp. 1-8), and then skipping to Chapter 4 (pp. 71-147), where the analysis is most concrete. Please note that the thesis remains the intellectual property of Chris Richardson and any use of its content should be properly cited.
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Chris Richardson is currently a doctoral student in the Media Studies program at the University of Western Ontario. He completed a Master of Arts degree in Popular Culture at Brock University in 2008, where his research focused on representations of Jane-Finch in popular Canadian news media. In his thesis, Richardson explores how residents can-and are-challenging stereotypes about their community by presenting what theorist Michel Foucault calls "subjugated knowledges." Richardson received a Bachelor of Journalism degree with a Minor in Sociology from Ryerson University in 2007. He has also written about community representation here:

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