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By Nikkita B.
I can't believe it, I'm very happy to see people proud of where they are from and making the best of it.

I spent a lot of my childhood living in the Falstaff buildings and went to school at Tumpane. I remember some days I wasn't able to go to school because somebody would defecate in the elevators "for fun" I suppose, and 16 flights of stairs was too much to walk for a kid, or there were police around so much for "whatever reason" -- I remember my mom reading in the newspaper, a kid who used to bully me on a daily basis (I still have a scar
on my chin from an encounter with him) was thrown in jail for raping a girl. The apartments were small, there were cockroaches... it wasn't very nice, but we always learned to "make the best" of it.

The community, even with the problems, shouldn't be something that should be looked on like a blemish on the city they want to cover up, or ignore. It's good someone took the time to really highlight a lot of good and
inspirational things that have come from that community, and how strong and resourceful it's made some people. I don't think I'd have the amount of patience I have today if I didn't put up with a lot of shit that I did when
I was younger. I'm 20 years old now, I currently live in Edmonton, and I am a corporate manager (IT/Business Development Manager) for a company that owns 11 dealerships and a few sub companies. I handle many aspects of the development, from developing, analyzing, and implementing new strategies and solutions, to marketing, system development, negotiating deals, and so on. However, I never forget where I am from and I am not ashamed to admit where I used to live.
Thanks for taking the time to read my e-mail, I hope we can talk some time.

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